Be Spotted on Instagram and Pinterest

social media 2One imperative in today’s technology-driven world is to post everything online. Many people who enjoy visual appealing and creative photos post them in social networking sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Though these are distinct networks, they are known as photo hubs for all artistic and expressive individuals in the internet.

Pinterest is a site and an application where users can post and collate pictures belonging to the same theme, field, or object. This is loved by many because it allows them to “pin” or bookmark the images that spark their interest. On the other hand, Instagram is a mobile application that allows users to take and upload photos to their profiles. This is one of the major distinctions between the two. The former is a place that acts like a search engine for lifestyle results, D.I.Y. techniques, creative ideas, travel destinations, and the like. Photos that are posted cannot be edited nor adjusted. While the latter allows its members to edit its photos with pictures and adjustment settings. Compared with Pinterest, this is a more personal profile, a visual and open diary of one’s life.

But no matter how similar and different at the same time these two can be, one of the objectives of their millions of users is to have a bigger traffic. More follower, more subscribers, more pins, more likes. Of course the audience largely depends on the posted content. But sometimes, eye-candy pictures are not enough to be discovered and followed. And for those who want to take their profiles and feeds to the next level, these are some bits of advice to achieve them.

General Tips

  1. Know the target audience. It’s nice to pay attention to what people want to see and like. By knowing this, one can curtail or customize his/her profile to a specific theme, motif, or field.
  2. Keep it public. If the goal is to have more followers, putting the profile on private mode won’t make the process easier. Besides, one should be proud in sharing what he/she likes and loves.
  3. Be dauntless. One should not be afraid to express his/her creative taste or skill. Yes, each individual has unique and specific preferences, but it shouldn’t limit one in exploring and posting certain images.

Tips for Pinterest

  1. Pin High-Definition Pictures. Quality always rules over quantity – this is a golden rule in choosing what images to post and curate. Remember that most of the people heading over this site are searching for inspiration. Make sure that those photos are Pinterest-worthy so that they can be pinned and re-pinned by the members of this community.
  2. Do not ignore the description. It’s always important to label the pictures, even if they can speak for themselves. Who knows, one of the words present in the identification could be part of the search tag of someone browsing? Plus, it also helps that a pin is informative. The brain and the eyes should be both fed, right?
  3. Add videos to boards. Yep. There is such a feature. Variety is the spice of life and Pinterest knows that. Viewers also need a break from still images and if a profile has videos, it will definitely stand out from the crowd. And if it’s about D.I.Y. or craft projects, this will probably be handy.
  4. Use other social networks. Through the internet, everything is now connected. This is evident with the “Pin It” feature that allows the users to embed their Pinterest page link, post, or image in other websites.
  5. Support others. Another way to have a larger network and connections in Pinterest is by “re-pinning” the posts of other users. It’s good to rely on one’s own posts

Tips for Instagram

  1. Use the hashtag properly. One should know the importance of a hashtag (#). It is a method designed by the creator of this application that increases the chances of the user or photo to appear in the ‘explore’ or search results. But take caution not to overuse it. Don’t let a good shot drowned by the numerous tags.
  2. Think about the captions. Sometimes, the captions are everything. Even if the photo doesn’t deserve five stars, a witty or entertaining caption will make the viewers or followers tap that heart button. And of course, the more the likes, the more chances it will be seen by others.
  3. Have an organized feed. Beautiful shots are great, but having all of them synchronize and coordinate with one another is greater. Having a consistent theme of consistent filter hues will make others drool and love a profile. Instant following is guaranteed. Who wouldn’t want inspiration for ultimate feed goals, right?
  4. Learn to follow. Following others is usually equivalent to a follow back in return. It’s time to get exposure from friends and fellow ‘Instagrammers’. And while at it, try to engage with them or at least comment on their pictures.
  5. Improve photography skills. Instagram is an application used to take pictures. Bringing on an A-game in this network most of time requires an A in photography.

Getting thousands of followers doesn’t happen overnight. If a person really wants to boost traffic, he/she should maximize his/her skills, provide quality photographs, communicate with others, and learn the language of the platform of what he/she is using.