Hiring A Painter for Your New Home

paintingMoving to St. Kilda is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. A few years back, my mates and I went paddle boarding in one of its beaches, and upon driving in this suburb, I was fascinated by the rows of houses and apartments that distinctly looked like from the older eras. After our weekend stay, I knew that I had to live here. 

I spent a few months hunting for an apartment with my friend, and in doing so, the more I was encouraged to stay here. The community had numerous parks, where I can jog in the morning, and it was a few minutes away from the coast, and it meant catching a few waves there during the weekend. Personally, working and living in the city was sometimes monotonous for me, and of course, stressful. Having downtime is important for me and staying here in St. Kilda gave me entertainment and relaxation, not only on work days, but every single day.

The apartment I chose was a great bargain. It was spacious enough that I had one room dedicated for all my instruments and mountain bicycles. Plus, it was already semi-furnished, which means I no longer have to head to the nearest home depots and shops since the basic house furniture and furnishings were complete. The only thing that needs work on is the interior’s painting. I spotted a few patches of paint peeling in the living room and in two rooms. Likewise, the kitchen walls were already flaking. Given my busy daily schedule and lack of patience and skill for this painting task, I knew I needed the help of a friendly painter in St. Kilda. 

Externally, my apartment looked well-maintained, despite its old period architecture. The inside should be as good as it looks outside, as I’d be spending most of my time definitely indoors. With only just a few days here in the suburb, I relatively knew no one except my neighbour. I wanted the apartment repainted as soon as possible, so I asked for recommendations from him, just in case he’d hired someone for the similar job. Unfortunately, he had no contact whatsoever of someone who can paint the interior of my apartment. And so, I went online to search for residential painting services.

As expected, numerous of painting companies flooded the results, but as a customer, I had a list of qualifications and expectations when it comes to hiring a painter. 

I value good customer service. From the very moment I phone the company, to the last minute of discussion, I observe if the specialists are prompt, professional, and attentive to the needs of customers like me. Likewise, I highly appreciate if they give detailed contracts, which includes a breakdown of expenses, the list of tools and products they will use, and possible additional costs. 

Another factor that helped my decision was the credentials of the company and its employees. Making sure that their painters are licensed is a guarantee of quality and professional practice and output. When I hired a certified and experienced painter in St. Kilda, I wasn’t left with repairs, complaints, and hassle from preparation until payment. 

And speaking of payment, discounts and warranty contracts can help save big amounts of money. When I received the quotation from the painter, I immediately asked if there were available discounts during that time, and fortunately, the painter laid out the promos and discounts their company was offering. Follow-up maintenance is also important. Two months after my apartment was repainted, I asked them if they could cover and fix a small blister in my room, and they gladly did it without charge. 

And lastly, only hire the painter when you see that he is willing to work with you and your preferences. Their advice definitely counts, but the decision on what colors and schemes to use are definitely yours. The painter I chose showed me swatches of color combinations that were in line to the colors of my choice. Thankfully, he was also flexible and open to different hues and tones that I wanted for my interior.  

Though majority of the work is handed to the painter, I was also hands-on on the entire process to make sure that everything will turn out the way I want it to be and to avoid possible damages. I took the initiative clear out some rooms and stow away some valuables before the painting begins. This may the job easier and faster for the painter, likewise I was comforted by the idea that my prized items won’t be dripped on and damaged. 

I admit that repainting my apartment gave the place a facelift, but more than this, it made me feel more at home in the new space I am living in. And I definitely have no regrets in shelling out money to hire a painter here in St. Kilda.

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