Qualifications To Become A Web Designer

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To be a web designer in the UK you do not actually want any formal qualifications by law begin designing sites for customers and in order to set up on your own. This really is both a blessing and also a curse to professionals wanting to work in the web design business. On one hand it makes it quite simple for professionally proficient people to join a possibly quite profitable and rewarding business. On the other hand the business is given a bad name, cheapened and confused by cowboy web designers, who enter the business without sufficient qualifications, abilities and expertise.

This post summarizes the qualification you will practically need get a job with a UK web design business and to be able to set out on a career in web design.

Qualifications Desired:

Firstly, to be a web designer one of the prerequisite qualifications in the united kingdom is to be instructed. This means a minimum of a Higher National diploma (HND) in a computer or media related area or better still, a degree from a red-brick university. Personally, I hold a first class honors degree (BSc) in computer science from the University of Sunderland, which I’m particular permitted to get me a foot in the doorway of one of the top web design businesses in the Yorkshire region. Analyzing for qualifications that are such lets you acquire a consciousness of the business and enables plenty of time for self learning of web design techniques and applications skills, which are essential for a job as a web designer.

Abilities Needed:

Some (but not all) of the abilities that you’ll need to be able to be a web designer are:






Macromedia Development Programs


Of course the abilities which you want will change determined by the locale of web design that you would like to pursue. Oriented web designers will need powerful graphic design skills including fireworks, adobe photoshop and flash. Web Designer which are coding oriented will want a powerful command of these abilities: CSS, HTML, SQL and ASP or PHP. The latter are generally referred to as web developers rather than web designers.

Getting All Significant Web Design Encounter:

The time taken to attain competence in web design technologies in my opinion is 3 years this could be coupled with the time it requires to study for a degree at a UK university. Of course formal qualifications are just a tiny part of the puzzle. It’s the expertise obtained from your first web design job you will find valuable.

From my own personal experience, I learned more from my first 6 months than I did during my 3 years at university, working in the web design business. There actually is not any replacement for the expertise of having the ability to ask seasoned web designers for assistance and guidance and dealing with a professional web design firm.

Creating A Specialism:

Over time it’s certainly worth creating a web design specialism. For me it was the development of search engine optimised web site. It was that specific region of the region in which I’ve shone as a web site designer as well as web design that took my interest. Becoming a specialist in a certain place certainly will let you become and expert in your unique market and will actually increase your stock.